A strong, durable, affordable & eco-friendy alternative to timber & heavy steel

TACTILE LGS can be used for all types of framing and trussing works to cater for all your building and roofing needs. The highly accurate & accelerated production of TACTILE LGS means that walls, trusses & joists can be pre-fabricated to allow for modular construction.

Speed of Construction

LGS construction is easy-to-assemble & hoist for installation, making it faster than traditional methods to manufacture and construct buildings

Versatility of Design

The strength and ductility of LGS makes it an ideal building material for all building types – from modular and pre-fabricated units, to single or multi-storey buildings

Less Wastage & More Eco-friendly

Material waste in construction is significantly reduced from both an ROI and environmental perspective

Reduced Need for Highly Skilled Labour

Lightweight deisgns, ‘pre-fabricated’ frames, uniform quality and simple on-site erection equals a reduced need for highly skilled labour

Faster Return on Investment

ROI is realised faster due to fast completion timelines and minimal wastage

Off-site Construction

Majority of the construction process can occur in a controlled environment that is not subject to the elements, ensuring greater efficiency and quality of construction