TACTILE’s Classic profile stands out from the rest of the classic profiles out there in the market. The stone coated steel roofing tile is designed to perfection giving it a fine blend of the traditional roof look whilst taking advantage of the highly durable quality of the steel alloy and Italian stone chips. The qualities of the Tile profile ensure it is second to none in the industry. This profile boasts seven perfectly designed valleys to help both the aesthetics and technical properties of a top quality roof. Aside from its interlocking characteristic, ensuring it is watertight; TACTILE’s profiles can withstand the most testing weather conditions. We redefine roofing solutions at TACTILE.

Panel Size 420 mm x 1,340 mm
Installed Exposure 370 mm x 1,265 mm
Panels per m2 2.13 /m2
Installed Weight 5.96kg /m2

Standard Colours