LGS Ordering Process

Discover the simple and efficient way to order TACTILE LGS. Our streamlined ordering process ensures you get the best in structural solutions, tailored to your project's needs, quickly and hassle-free. Start building your future today.

1. Design & Planning

LGS Layouts are generated from architectural drawings and plans

2. Software Solutions

Using FrameCAD software the LGS framing and truss designs are created using the architectural layouts

3. Manufacturing

The FrameCAD design files are fed into the LGS rollforming machines for production

4. Building Materials

TACTILE materials plus the appropriate roofing or cladding products are delivered on-site or to the assembly location

5. Building Assembly

The TACTILE materials are erected and put together on-site or at the assembly location to create the building structure

6. Construction

MEP works are installed together with the roofing and cladding for final completion of the construction project